Memorial Prayer Cards are a lasting tribute to your loved one.

Coping with the loss of a loved one is a painful and difficult experience for anyone to endure. Your family and friends can receive a Memorial Prayer Card at a funeral service or in an acknowledgement card. It is a way to create a lasting tribute to your loved one.

The front of the card can consist of a photo of your loved one or you can use pre-printed religious images or activities or hobbies that reflect the personality of your loved one.

The back of the card consists of a prayer, poem or eulogy you wish to commemorate your loved one.

Memorial Prayer Cards measure 2 ½” wide x 4 ¼” in height and can be laminated or unlaminated.

Mooney-Keehley offers a wide assortment of 8-up micro-perfed prayer cards. Mooney-Keehley manufacturers an assortment of gold foil stamped cards along with offering the John Brandi line, the Cromo line and the Bonella line. Both the Cromo and Bonella lines are imported from Italy, while the Mooney-Keehley and John Brandi lines are made in the United States.

Mooney-Keehley also custom manufactures cards specifically for funeral homes. Let us know what idea you have for a card and we can design and manufacturer specifically for you.