Mooney-Keehley has adopted several marketing policies that help you make a positive impact on the mindset of your customers. Mooney-Keehley is the only company in the funeral industry that can print YOUR name at the back-side of every acknowledgement card. Extending your reach to every person that receives an acknowledgement card. This marketing strategy is not revolutionary, Hallmark has been doing this for many years, but it is new to the funeral industry.

As an extension of your image and reputation, Mooney-Keehley not only believes in providing the best quality products in the industry but we want to help you spread your presence and brand. Your funeral home faces lots of competition in the market. Mooney-Keehley has adopted a very reasonable pricing policy while offering marketing assistance that is unprecedented in the industry.

The acknowledgement card marketing concept has been extended to the backside of register books. Everything you do is part of your brand, and your register book is no exception. Set yourself apart by adding your imprint. Your families will understand that the products you offer them are custom made for them – not cookie-cutter products pulled off a shelf.

Register Books

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